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How Copy Testing Prepares You for the Digital World

Your advertising is digital. If it isn’t, your company is missing out on the most important and most-used form of advertising today. The day of the billboard is gone, replaced now with tweets, Instagram posts, and banner ads, with five-second videos playing before a YouTube ad and native content on people’s favorite sites. Classically, copy testing is a way to test out an ad before it runs. A low-cost presentation to a focus group that can help you determine what works and what doesn’t about your ad, its copy, and its presentation. But today, copy testing is about more than just people’s reactions; it’s about communicating to people in the ways that they understand. Here are a few ways in which copy testing in the digital age can help you grab attention and keep it all the way through the conversion.

1. Grab Their Attention

Copy testing today gauges people’s reactions to ads for more than just content; they do so for the ability to grab people’s attention. There are many ways to run a copy testing session, and some can actually build your ad into a number of other ads, gauging how people react to yours specifically compared to other, similar ads. In doing so, you can learn why your ad catches people’s attention, or leaves them scrolling elsewhere for content.

2. Keep Them Hooked

Have you heard of the F-read? Essentially, it is a visualization of how people read. You did it here on this blog, probably reading the first paragraph, scanning the second, and are now reading the content that is relevant to what you want, delineated by numbered headers. The F-read is, simply put, refers to how people consume information, and the proper copy testing can help you understand where you are losing people. In a world of saturated content, you cannot simply take for granted that people are going to read or listen to what you have to say. That is where copy testing comes in. It can actually give you hard data on when people stop paying attention to your ad and can give you insights into how you can better hold people’s attention.

3. Reel them in for the Conversion

Finally, copy testing can help you bring those people into a full conversion, breaking down your calls to action and ads to ensure they do what you need them to do. With numerous avenues for gaining conversions, copy testing can help you determine how to get people to use your products and services, not simply consider them in amongst others. And that is the key to any advertising campaign.

Modern copy testing doesn’t just give you insights into quality; it provides hard data for insights into your ad’s overall effectiveness in catching someone’s attention, providing them with the information they need, and then turning them into a successful conversion. With the right insights from a professional market research company, your next round of copy testing could help you craft better, more effective ads so you can propel your business into an even more successful future.

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