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Do you want to grab the attention of busy people?

Everyone seems to be too busy lately. Even though people are generally busy, they are however not really too busy. The secret of getting people’s attention lies in the word ‘PRIORITY’.

In order to be a good advertiser, one will have to create advertisements that are worth reading.  ​This can be done by following these tips:

People dream in images: Find an awesome relevant attractive image(s) to use on your advertisement. This attracts people towards reading and hearing more about your products. Try to communicate your message through the use of images.

Short and sweet: Keep it short and simple, people are busy in general. Allowing people to read and finish going through your advertisements in a short space of time is key. When an individual sees short text, they become attracted to reading it as opposed to a lengthy one.

Value: Make sure that the reader gains something of value from reading or viewing your ad.

Grammar: A simple grammar error can make one lose interest in reading more. Pay special attention to good use of language. Software can also be used to help in this regard.

Branding: Always make use of your company logo, name, slogan and colours. These are called branding, and allows your readers to identify anything that is connected to your company from far off. People can easily remember and associate with your company as soon as these sink into their minds.

An extra eye: Mistakes happen all the time. In order to try and eliminate mistakes in your advertisement, make use of the people that you trust to proof read it before you distribute.

​- Nhlanhla Prayer Khoza

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