Tips on how to keep your Customers

Losing a customer means losing business, so it is important that you keep your current customers if you want to improve your profit. Here are the 3 tips on how to keep the customers!!!!!

Say thank you – saying thank you to someone increases the chances of him/her coming back to you when he/she needs the service again. It’s an obvious one, but it works. Customers like to feel appreciated, especially if they just spent money with you.

Consistently Communicate – don’t just drop your customer after the purchase, keep the communication going with your customer on a regular basis. Customers want to hear from you about new products, services, discounts or events.

Highlight a Customer Experience – Everyone likes a little attention paid to them and so do your customers. Showcasing one of your customers in your store, in an email newsletter, or a re-tweet can generate great engagement. Sending birthday or anniversary wishes is another way to let customers know that you care.

​- Tsepa Walter​

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