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Tips on how to turn your customers into promoters of your business

Happy customers will turn into promoters and brings you more strangers to your business. Here are tips on how to turn your customers into promoters of your business.

Say thank you – people takes this for granted but it still works, the customer feels appreciated when you thank them after they spend their money in your business.

Build a trust – people tend to re-comment someone they trust. Provide your customers with exactly what you have promised or more.

Respond quickly – do not keep your customer waiting or else they will think of getting help somewhere else. The faster the response to queries and complaints, the happier or more forgiving the customer.

Remember important dates – saying happy birthday to your customer it surely mean you care about them. Imagine if you are the first to wish them a happy anniversary day , that makes them talk about you and the experiences they have with you.

Educate your customers – do not just market to your customers, but educate them instead. So educate your customers and they will educate their friends.

​- Tsepa Walter

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